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My Last Relationship and Its Stress

December 21, 2019

Stress is very much saturating my life sometimes even while I’m trying to focus on having a stress-free existence since for 35 long years of my life I was dealing with too much stress. Driving to Work 2 Future was a huge cause of my stress. I thought about how I could limit my exposure to stress, so I thought, I don’t have to drive anymore thanks to Lyft and Uber, and how I feel that I’m better off taking public transit. If my mother has an issue with this, I’m like, whatever, because you know what? I’m better off just saying gee, hmm, I’m waiting until my left knee and my rib cage heal all the way. I have had a painful knee for three years, it is going to turn into four this 2020. I’m frustrated. At the same time, I’m going to just say that I do not want a relationship to cause me stress. Therefore, I cannot date anybody who smokes marijuana or who will make my low self-esteem worse. More therapy is needed before I can even begin to date.

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