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Gluten-free bakery potential recipes

December 21, 2019

Gluten free baking is something I’m going to develop over time using existing recipes but also using my own. I have some idea of how to bake gluten-free at home. This recipe has helped me unlock the secret of croissants. Cold butter is put into the flour, which you then fold up with the butter being a main feature. I know about this from the Betty Crocker International Cook Book. I’ve spent the last 20 years wanting to bake gluten free. In the present, we have gluten-free diet recipes galore. You can make gluten-free everything. There are gluten-free Chocolate chip cookies, Udi’s brand. There is gluten-free pasta.

There may even be gluten-free puff pastry. I’ve contemplated making my own gluten-free puff pastry, although I don’t need to be gluten-free, I just have an interest in the gluten-free world. Gluten-free products are around these days, and even soy cheese has improved to the point you can’t tell the difference. I use my Lactaid for all lactose intake although no matter what I do, I have a lactose limit to remember I have to respect. But anyway, yes, gluten-free is popular now, since celiac is much easier to diagnose or if you have thyroid disorders, rumor has it the gluten-free diet can keep it under control.

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