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Workaholism Defined

December 22, 2019

Workaholics are addicts like any other addicted person. A workaholic works at the expense of being with their family. They feel work is more important than the well being of their wife, husband or child. Workaholism means that a person will work in order to feel loved, or feel that there is a pay-off. Overwork is especially addicting for a workaholic because they want to not take a break, ever. I’m plagued by this tendency sometimes. It is why I wake up early infused with an adrenalin rush. My family is rife with addiction, workaholism being one.

The thing is, I’m trying to break this tendency. I have kept my work on suspend because I need to pay the level up fee. Devotion to a career should not have to be proven by overwork. I’m trying to realize that I do not need to overdo something in order to feel love. I am trying to learn how to love myself, understand myself, and not be a workaholic so much. I’m obsessively workaholic. I cannot do this my entire life because of my chronic illnesses. In Japan, some people die from workaholic behavior, they die at their desk.

The new freelancer rules may be useful in getting me to slow down. I feel like I take all my time writing copy. Sure, it makes extra income, but I spend my life writing copy to make extra money. I now have a transcription job that I’m going to take seriously, which means no new applications. I can overdo sending job applications while not focusing on one job. I’m focused on training for this transcription job. I am trying to let go of my inadequacy feelings because I am trying to not overdo working. Apparently it is a form of psychic food for my family on top of that.

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