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How to Quit Workaholism: We Do Not Take The Time To Unwind

December 22, 2019

Workaholics work on vacation, they work ill, and they do not take the time to relax. I’m a workaholic, but I’m learning how to manage this and mitigate it better. I need to stop working sometimes. It was because in my very stressful childhood, back in the fourth grade at St. Joseph Elementary School, we were overly assigned homework. One of my school friends could only tolerate 45-min a night of homework, and that was it. My family? My family though, was making me do every second of that homework. Oy.

But you see, I’m trying to learn how to do less. Today I woke up because of high blood sugar or set failure. I woke up, and could not go back to sleep. I had some cocoa, and got to work. I mean I have many projects that could eventually make money. I also have a work from home transcription job. I’m trying to quit my workaholic tendencies. I hope I don’t make my neighbors feel lazy. I want to work, but not too much. It is encouraged by my family to work too much. Yes, I’m 38, but that doesn’t mean I have to over do working.

I do not always know when to walk away from my work. Other people pressure each other to work hard, if you are the same class of person that is, in a similar classed environment. Taking breaks from work ought to be taken seriously, by the worker. You should not be bringing home your work. Workers have a mind that over thinks all things work related. Setting healthy boundaries means maintaining a work schedule that you should commit to. Working in an efficient manner means that you get enough rest, sleep, breaks, and time to cultivate outside of work interests.

Quitting working too much means taking breaks, as in, whole days off. My treatment plan involves not pressuring myself to overdo things, anything, including cleaning the house. My family pressures me into overdoing things. My employers have at times, been like this too. I’m trying to learn how not to be triggered into anxiety and mania by learning how to relax into working, not overdo things. See, my family will try to trigger me into overworking if I’m around when they are around, so my goal is to escape them, to make money and escape. This is because I feel it is time to make money, and I appreciate that wisdom but I do not need to overwork to prove I’m worth something.

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