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Our Culture Does Not Support Work-Life Balance

December 22, 2019

There is a reason why our culture doesn’t support calm, and mellow people. It likes mania, the go-go-go rush of caffeine addiction. It doesn’t support chamomile tea drinkers who need to sleep 8-11 hours a night. It doesn’t support those of us who do not pull all-nighters. Work-life balance is important because you simply do not need to take work home with you. Our work culture should be 35 hours or less counting as full-time. In Europe and other developed countries, people get a month’s vacation. People actually get PTO, good healthcare coverage, etc .

In the United States, we have trouble providing the bare minimum of a support system. The thing is, we need to do better but we are not. With the hot mess in Washington, we are struggling. I’ve put the whole thing on ignore. Work-life balance is all about not overdoing something, and going to bed early when you need to. Work-life balance is important to your overall wellbeing because it is a way to manage stress. Stress will always be there, it will always come up, but you have to learn to contain it, and manage it properly.

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