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How Can I Make Money from my Blog? What Is My Understanding of This Situation?

December 28, 2019

Yes, my blog could easily make me $100,000 a month but what is the plan to get there? I’m low-income looking for a way to break free of the United States’ SSI system for low-income people who require medical care. Those of us who have worked real jobs have SSDI, which is only given to those with prior work experience. Well, anyway, onward. I hesitate to have to subscribe to anything and this is why I’m also hesitant to have an email subscription list. I have many a business idea, which could keep me happily employed forever.

I’m reading on Income Diary about how to make money as an affiliate. Affiliate programs are merely ways of promoting products. Now, the more readers my blog has, I assume, that means the more money I make. Correct me if I’m wrong with this assumption. I also want to upgrade my blog eventually into becoming a business blog. I want to sell my t-shirts on it since I have a saucy t-shirt business idea. I want to make money in whatever way I can, because I want my own money.

Since my biggest business weakness is marketing, I have decided to read more about it. Also, to target the products you are promoting to your content is something that didn’t really occur to me. Passive income is something I need to generate more of. Amazon Affiliates is something I could look into also. I set up my blog for advertising because I wanted to make some extra money but so far, I only have a puny $0.66 cents. Yes, that’s it. That is all I have. Wow right? I’m skeptical of blogging claims that mean people make significant income as much as $1,000 to $10,000 to $100,000 a month. How many hits or readers do you need for that?

My blog needs to advertise my services, as I want to start a private investigator firm that focuses on psychic and paranormal things. Not only that, I want to do psychic readings for people. I suppose that sort of business could make me money but certifications do not pay for themselves. I have to figure out a way to generate enough income to support myself, and everything it is that I want to get done. I need to start with getting my Reiki one certification.

I could even start my own membership website set up for those who follow my posts, or those I’m teaching. But then again, I need income to set this up, and I’m otherwise totally clueless. I want to cut down on my costs right now. There is a path out of being low-income that I’m trying to carve out for myself. It exists. I have to work on it. I know it exists, and I know it can be done. Yes, I have webinar ideas that I should put out there, but I have no idea about this stuff either. Consider these articles a type of journal on how one person tries to learn more about these things. I am a writer with a B.A. in creative writing from San Francisco State University. I can publish books eventually as I have many ideas for this. I suppose I have website ideas I can sell, and this is something I’d like to do.
Anyway, yes, I’m ignorant about a lot of different subjects that I’m trying to educate myself on. Yes, there are many ways to go about this, including but not limited to using the library. I’m getting more readers on my blog lately besides, if we are trying not to put a date on the story. Readership is up, which means that I can make more money off of the advertisements. I’m working on my business plans right and left, because I have a lot to get done with those. My to-do-lists in fact, ought to be started with raising start-up capital in mind. This is the next step when you start a business, angel investment, venture capital, or just fundraising on your own. My blog writes about how my business work is going all the time.

But anyway, yes, I have many business ideas, and I need to start raising money. My blog will serve to publicize this fact. I will eventually be able to raise enough money to get myself out of low-income lifestyles here. The low-income thing is something I used to be able to swing, but I’m being more careful about it right now. I’m trying to make money here in whatever way I can, trying to stay organized. My blog also talks about my writing, how that is going, etc. I’m working daily, to reach my goals, and sometimes I don’t have many days off. Tuesday and Thursday I go to therapy at a local college.

But anyway, yes, I have serial entrepreneur style ideas. I cannot submit all my work to Income Diary all at once, but I can try to get responses. I would like to make more money from my writing eventually. A little bit goes a long way. My blog could make $100,000 a month, which is really $1.2 million a year. For that I need something like 10,000 readers given that I do succeed at making money. My blog is the key to everything financial in my life right now.

It is a way to communicate with the outside world because it is a journal of sorts. I’m trying my hardest to survive as a low-income person. But sooner or later I have to give up, sorry doctor. The fact is I cannot afford to stay low-income anymore. I’d rather make real money and pay up the ying-yang for medical care. Yes, I have a blog I want to make money with. The question is how to make money with said blog? I need more readers for starters. This can eventually happen inch by inch. I already have tons of readership on Vocal Media where I somehow have a large following.

Now to get that kind of following on my blog, I’ve realized that I need to publish more than one post daily. I inadvertently noticed this when it popped into my head to put together three posts in one day. Ever since then, I’ve had some more readers drop in. WordPress also has a way to follow other blogs, which I’ve been using. Great, so now I know how to maintain readership, and increase it. My Facebook page has a link to my blog on it. If I post more things under specific blogs, maybe then I will generate more interest in my own blog.

If blogging could really make me real money, I’d be floored if I saw $100,000 in the money section. I’d probably freak out that I successfully manifested that much cash. I will not always be low-income. That is ridiculous for me to think, let alone say. I’m going to try to make money and see where I get with that. As a writer, having a blog is useful to promote my books, as well as my writing in general.

My blog is useful on many levels. My business ideas could keep me happily employed for a very long time. So can all the free-flowing writing ideas that come into my head daily. I’m able to sit down with many of them and write them out. I have fiction, non-fiction, and journalism ideas to put together. My ideas flow very easily. I’m just working on what I can given how much time I have. Blogs with a lot of views make more money than blogs that are not necessarily as being read as you may think. I found this article, that confirms my suspicions. Blog traffic is what creates your money, plain and simple.

Having 350,000 views per month could guarantee me income in the thousands according to the above link. Also, I use Max Bounty as an affiliate, but lately I haven’t left a link on my page. I’m working on getting more viewers first. If I could make $25,000 a month that would be astounding. I need to make real money, preferably large lump sum. Then again selling my businesses and lining up angel investment is something I want to get done as badly as I want my blog to do well.

There are many a proven way to make money online these days, which is a total advantage that we have in the 21st, (century). I’m also thinking about starting a course for the Internet on psychic stuff, just to make money off of that. I’m debating ways to make significant income, my blog being one of the easiest. Forget $100,000 a month, having $5,000 a month would get me $60,000 a year. My blog could also sell my personal assistant services, and psychic reading services, as I’m working on my business plan to become a professional psychic and private investigator. There are many ways of making money in this world, as well as online.

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