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Back From the Dead 3 Times in My Life

January 3, 2020

I’ve been back from the dead at least three times, starting with healing my congenital heart condition in the hospital when I was born, although my theory is that my heart condition was influenced or healed by a device the time traveling aliens used to fix it. There is more to this story than I care to comment on at this time but my life is full of otherworldly coincidences that are not really coincidences to this day. Diabetic coma: I managed to come out of it although I imagine I might have died for a minute in the hospital, so I need my hospital records to prove it. Also, I passed out in Chile from an insulin overdose I was encouraged to provide myself in an unhealthy manner, but it was my own damn fault for not telling those people to shut up. But anyway, I revived myself from being passed out. You see, the gods did also, and this is proof the Gods are real and look out for me.

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