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Conversations with Sekhmet

January 3, 2020

I’m not that into Egyptian things, I guess you could say I’m an eclectic pagan, not necessarily that Wiccan. Participating in my coven happened in 2017, but my knee was much worse back then. It was very stiff. Some Reiki healers have suggested it is my families’ energy that was keeping it that stiff, so she unstiffened it, giving me some protection from their energy sabotage. Sekhmet herself says to me it is time to let more income into my life, because they would like me to stay helpless, dependent, and needing of their help, income or protection. Okay, so Sekhmet is right about this. There is no, she’s right, but, with that Deity. There is do or do not, there is no try. She is quite the taskmaster. I think she has made her point to me more than once. So we will try to follow her lead. See my Blogger blog for more posts on Deity Conversations.

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