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Examples of Jobs I’ve Applied For

January 6, 2020

I’ve set up three major categories on Indeed, such as Remote California, Remote San Jose, and Writer Remote California. I’m a freelancer with many ideas for articles I want to write. But first we need to discuss jobs. My Indeed page reflects how I have applied at everything and it’s mother while trying to manifest 10 emails, 5 rejections and 5 acceptances. Manifestation does tend to wear me out sometimes since my family is being systematically cut off from using my energy. Today’s job search revealed that an Entry-Level Staff Writer could be a lovely job to plunk down in. I’m looking for a job using my writing, although I have ideas of my own. I’m the sort of person who has many irons in the fire, loves, and I have to make sure that my employeers do not take that fact about me personally.

In the Remote San Jose category, I find other jobs or more specifically 42,859 jobs in that category of remote “doesn’t mind I live in San Jose.” I already applied to Hub Shout as a Freelance SEO writer, having written many articles about SEO this year, in the marketing section of I just found a Part-time English instructor gig in Los Angeles that allows for remote work. I have a camera attached to this computer since I’m allowed to use Zoom. I’m looking forward to getting a real job that’s work from home because of my knee, and enjoying it.

I’m good at managing my time. In the remote writer California, I applied at Talent, Inc. as a freelance resume writer for a $3,500 a month salary. I also left my mark at Legal Website Writer for Shouse Law Group in Los Angeles. The goal is to get a telecommute job for myself that is based in Los Angeles. Then I can move when I have enough steady income to do so. Yes, the next phase in my life is about to begin now that I’m stable enough to let that happen, moving to Los Angeles for all the creative opportunities for writers there are in addition to studying law. First I need to prove I can engage in school without getting unstable, as in, going back to alcohol or caffeine or perhaps both. This involves getting an AA in film and television along with general Ed IGETC that involves taking statistics.

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