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Post New Year’s goals January 2020

January 6, 2020

Writing Goals JANUARY:
1) Make money from TFE,
2) Buy Black ink and color ink cartridges for the printer.
3) Finish Beneath Ceaseless Skies novella and submit
4) Write Vocal Media pieces every Saturday
5) Pay friend for working on formatting my bullies book (also do this in December when I get the extra money and also be mindful to lower my credit card bill.
6) Submit Bullies book/write book proposal for McBride literary agency.
7) Pay Blog at the end of January if I have enough money to do so.
8) Submit my work for all the shit, at 4,500 words
9) Finish Denial story, 3000 words
10) Submit Denial Story to Longreads
11) Write Cracked article, 1
12) Write Uncovering Your Storyline story for Beneath Ceaseless skies
13) Pay for my blog

Business Goals JANUARY:

1) Put fliers about my need for a business partner/and the psychic website business in general, at major bookshops in the Bay Area.
2) Start Powerpoint presentation
3) Finish all 2016 business plans by January 31st
4) Pay Symmetry Financial if the extra money is there.
5) Practice Powerpoint presentation.
6) Deliver Powerpoint presentation to interested East West/Ananda parties.
7) Work on Upwork profile, set up for Freelance work. – also read USB drive Nick Tubis sent me.
8) Finish all Business ideas by January 31st, 2019.
9) Get ink Cartridge
10) Do My Taxes

Work Goals JANUARY:

1) Learn to bake (also in December). Bake treats with current knowledge.
2) Take courses and use Youtube to learn about grantwriting
3) Finish Transcription for everyone training (needs to be worked on today, December 11th, 2019) and start working on transcriptions. Take TFE seriously and TFE only.
4) Finish reading Nick Tubis’ USB drive, starting this month in December on page 33 as I left off at this page from another successful Upwork Freelancer.
5) Get a work from home copywriting gig.
6) Work on Pass plan

Health Goals JANUARY:

1) Continue trying to sleep the whole night.
2) Get Chi ne tsang/acupuncture
3) Knee injury is healed by this time, all the way, hopefully
4) Take it easy and not overdo sports or working or writing.
5) Psychiatrist appointment January 20th.
6) Continue to maintain Medi-cal Benefits until I make enough money to break away from SSI.
7) If necessary, when I sell my business and secure a job from it, change insurances.
8) Otherwise, I still don’t feel driving is safe as I feel anxious about setting foot in the car for some reason. And yes, for another reason, every bone in my body says not to drive. No amount of my mother talking me into driving will help.
9) No dating for the foreseeable future, none. I’m going to avoid relationships altogether but I can date with a chaperone.
10) Talk to Natalie once a week, even if I have to go there.
11) Not feel paranoia about my family, and when they will come back. Keep mom blocked on What’s app unless she behaves herself.
12) Continue to work on the plan to dump my family completely. They will not be invited to any wedding of mine.
13) Even if I have money, not enroll in school just yet, finish Greyschool without stress.

Academic Goals JANUARY:

1) Do not pressure yourself into finishing Greyschool.
2) Greyschool would help me get a paid Tarot reading job at a bookshop.
3) Consistently turn in Greyschool work once a week to twice a week if that is the main academic focus in January.
4) Read books in the bibliography of Generation Inc. on how to start your own businesses.
5) Write business plans list and page numbers for Generation Inc. business ideas.

Gardening Goals JANUARY:
1) Get picnic table.
2) Set up other drawer for tomato garden. In December, stick with one table for now. The picnic table will be my first and it will stay outside.
3) Continue to water the plants.

Financial Goals if I find an angel investor, JANUARY:

1) Sell business plan to investor.
2) Pay a year’s worth of health insurance.
3) Demand to pay the HOA fee as she will say you can give money to me but I’d rather take it up with the homeowner’s association
4) Get a lawyer and ask them to go to Spain to deal with my family.
5) Securing half a million dollars will go a long way towards helping me get financially stable.
6) Start account at Bank of America again, with $10,000 to start.
7) Pay 2019 taxes, by January. Print out report. Visit SSI to drop off report and financial review.
8) Buy new USB drive to back everything up on.
9) Get lockbox at the bank.
10) Maybe buy monitor for other computer if I can get a picnic table. Then again, I have to stay low-income to continue getting free medical care and eventually I will start making money to pay off the bills.
11) Pay AAA bill $56.

Art Goals JANUARY:

1) Use art supplies I currently have.
2) Color my own mandala from coloring book.
3) Get Easel.
4) Get Picnic table for inside the house.
5) Start new Mandala.

Organizing/Cleaning Goals JANUARY:

1) Big Green Chair with piles of paper on it.
2) Clean stove once a week.
3) Mop kitchen floor.
4) Clean shower.

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