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Near-Death Experience: The Rose Garden

January 8, 2020

Back when I was hospitalized for type 1-diabetes when it first latched onto me, I managed to have many visions, astral travels, and astral projections while in coma. I had many a download, awakening, or spiritual contacts with otherworldly beings. The experiences are trapped in my head. I’m trying my best to process them. I had so much happen psychically; that I’m still trying to unpack it or perhaps a better term would be unzipping it, like unzipping a file up. I need to start seeing psychics at East West so I can schmooze, spread my idea, and recruit. I can process trauma by myself half the time using the buffers in my head that many a therapist helped with. I need to find a transpersonal therapist and a transpersonal psychologist. I learned from my coma that heaven and hell are real, and so is the afterlife.

An old friend once told me that children go to the Rose Garden when they are dying. Somehow I realized last night that I healed myself from diabetic coma, and the gods also revived me in the same breath, similar to what happened in Chile when I passed out from circumstances not under my control although I should have told manipulators to shut the fuck up, I’m taking enough insulin, and they wonder why I don’t trust their advice? But anyway, yes, I’m busy unpacking a lot of past trauma right now, but having spirit guides guide me through it, so nobody need worry because I’m okay.

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