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Shadow of the Phoenix Rising, The Next Steps

January 8, 2020

The next step in this plan is to compile data on readers as it says in my research file on all the metaphysical bookshops in the Bay Area. I’m trying to visit them in order to use their services. The next step is to socialize, schmooze, and drop my idea in their lap to see how they take it, although it would be dropping hints. Eventually a Powerpoint presentation will come out of this schmoozing. What I need to bring this about is to talk to the decision makers, the leaders of the East West bookshop, Ananda, etc. There are people who would love to buy out my idea, but I also need an angel investor, someone who can fund my idea, while presenting it with me to the stores I’m trying to ask to join me as a business partner. Schmoozing will involve getting necessary readings from folks at the stores. I also need a nice part-time to full-time work from home job that will bring in steady income.

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