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What is A Trance Medium?

January 17, 2020

What is A Trance Medium?

A trance medium is someone who can channel spirits in partial or full mediumship states of mind. Spirits take control of a mediums’ voice to relay a message. There are ways of downloading a spirit into your brain and letting it talk through you. Trance mediums also connect with ascended masters and the Gods themselves. Mental mediums listen to spirits, although I ask that people not practice fraudulent mediumship in a way, since you guys have no idea how much stress my talents cause me. It is nothing but stressful for me, because I’m looking for help in the New Year, help from spiritualist churches. As a schizoaffective with OCD, I have to never let my guard down when it comes to protecting my mental health. Before I trance channel anything, halfway while listening to the dead, it must always be partial mediumship since full could destabilize my and your mental health. I have to be careful with what I do

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What is A Trance Medium?

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