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Slurs in College Because of My Skin

January 18, 2020

I occasionally get really bad cystic acne. That acne got me slurred in college. Although when I was told about 22q, my family said mean things in front of the doctor who was telling me about my schizoaffective that I was not on medication for at the time. I was called a retard at San Francisco State just while I was going to class. How demeaning of them, because having a boil is not that bad. I have major skin infections, I’m stunned at how much mean shit I have been through for nothing. I’m lucky I’m not as affected as other people with 22q. But hey, lay off slurring me San Jose, because my pimples make me feel bad. I feel really bad with them. And if someone should catch me on a really bad CPTSD day, I could pass out from the pimples. It’s an infection that can cause me a fever if I’m not careful.

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