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Yelling at Girls Who Slurred Me

January 18, 2020

Last February, I had gone to therapy at San Jose State, this was shortly after the retard face incident since I had a huge pimple on my face that month. It took a 60 day antibiotic treatment to be rid of it. But hey, some girls decided while waiting at a light, to have one of them yell “retard” to me while the window was rolled down. I found her, I saw her, I glared at her. Then I started yelling. I flat out started to yell at her. I was screaming to her and her friend about how I wasn’t feeling well, thank you, I had managed to cross the street, do you see me depressed? I take medication, don’t yell at me for the side effects that cause my pimples, I’m in pain, do you want me to pass out? Sekhmet sure had me going. I was like, not having them slurring me at all. For once, I stood up for myself. That had the blond girl ducking in her friends’ car. They know better than to be in this neighborhood, and if I ever see them again, god help us all. If I get that pissed off, broken glass may happen.

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