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What I Know About TCM So Far

January 19, 2020

TCM is the acronym for Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have read at least one book by now, a book that the Chinese state imported to the San Jose, CA library system. It comes from the People’s Military Medical Press. Yin and Yang energy is a huge constant in TCM, even as they are opposite in the nature of their manifestations in the human body. The upper part of the body is considered Yang while the lower part is considered Yin. There is a Five Element system similar to the pagan elemental system, since Water, Wood, Fire, Metal, and Earth make up the TCM system, East Is Wood, Fire is South, Metal is West, and Water is in the North. We are not going to get into the differences between modern witchcraft systems and the TCM model, but each organ in Chinese medicine has Qi which is also written as Chi, or is the actual life force that your body uses to function. So far, this is all I know.

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