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CPTSD – Symptoms, Management, And Alternative Treatments

January 22, 2020

CPTSD is a chronic form of post-traumatic stress disorder. It means you have been through long-term hardship, abuse and/or stress. The symptoms include hyper arousal, flashbacks where you re-experience the actual trauma, while also experiencing negative thoughts, even as you avoid similar situations. Like me with avoiding relationships with anybody right now, period. It may be an accurate estimate according to the article below that 8 million people in the United States deal with CPTSD.

My PTSD comes from being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the hospital at 10 years old. I have since made the commitment to not wind up in the hospital again. It is easy to stay out of the hospital when you have schizoaffective, so long as you take your medication. Unknown to my understanding, there are two types of PTSD, dissociative and delayed onset. This comes from all my childhood trauma. I’m not a boy, sorry about this dad. I’ve long resented my female body for causing me so much trouble, but since I’ve been apologizing to diabetes lately, I’m going to start apologizing to my body for all the trauma it had to endure because I was born female.

I now understand my sleeping patterns to be affected by CTPSD because I have a hard time staying, and falling asleep, but my meds prevent the angry outbursts although I rant online so that could count as an outburst, although my concentration is not so easily affected. Having difficulty concentrating is another symptom of PTSD. Lately I’ve just been distancing myself from others in order to try to deal with my hernia. I’m traumatized that my family didn’t look into Mr. Hernia any further than, I was three, and it was felt. I know I have to get into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from a transpersonal psychologist and a transpersonal psychiatrist. More of ’em exist now. I’ve had plenty of Acceptance and Commitment therapy by a transpersonal psychologist named Dr. Bolsheva, many times. I have tried exposure therapy on my own, on myself, and I know how to use eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, a little bit. It helps you get out of the headspace of trauma. I also know that Reiki is very effective on trauma responses that your body puts you through.

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