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My Diabetes Management Quest how it’s going

January 22, 2020

My diabetes management is going perfectly, since I’m hovering at 155 mg/dl in the 7 day. The holiday highs are gone now, I’m able to focus, and I’m doing okay. The thing is that I’m trying my best to get stuff done even with the new threat of coronavirus lurking. I have low blood platelets to deal with which means that I could get an infection at any time, and this in turn may mean that I have yet another autoimmune disorder. Reiki is effective on blood counts.

I’ve learned at least that much about how Usui Reiki works. But anyway, time enough for that. I’ve decided to cut ketchup out of my life because it gives me heartburn if I use too much of it. I’m dangerously close to running out of money here. I have to ask my pharmacist to sign my review form, and then I have to send it in the mail. Either that or asking a neighbor. But anyway, I’m doing great, I’m keeping it together.

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