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My Support System Needs Work

January 29, 2020

Basically, I used to have one but now it is non-existent. To my Facebook friends, in 2015, I was so stable only because of that support system. I’m used to living without too much of a support system but this semester in therapy, we are going to work on my PASS plan for SSI, which is a way to make money. We are also going to be working on my Shadow of the Phoenix Rising business, while also writing articles suitable for publication. I’m working on various pieces at once, and I submitted a piece to One Story. I’m going to try to do better with money this month. I’m also considering switching Internet services. I have worked on my writing business, as I got my 2019 W2 form which shows I only get a tax refund of $1, and I made $2,800 the whole year, but the California AB 5 law kicked in thus screwing up my freelancing career.

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