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My Next Self Help Book

January 31, 2020

My next self-help book is on OCD, and I want to read it because I need to get a handle on my symptoms way further. The thing with OCD is that your own brain drives you nuts, because you are your own bully saying to you, to “I have to check the lock, stove, or what is plugged in that I know isn’t,” and that bully can make you suicidal. The thing is, mental illness is like that, it is as though you have a depressive bully saying things to you like “you suck, nobody likes you, you will not survive this latest harshness.” To stand up to the bully in your head, you have to tell it off, and say “we are not having this discussion” (at least when it comes to OCD), or “I’m not going to treat myself that way,” only because you want to be kind.

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