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Stress Management

January 31, 2020

Stress management is something I have done a lot of research into. I’m a psychic prone to stress because of my physical and mental health. Stress comes up for me when I deal with someone picking on me. In my 40s, I trust my gut, I must learn to trust it because my intuition does not steer me wrong. You need to rest to manage stress, and in high school I got precious little rest because of all the pressure my family put on me to do well. I’d go to bed very late. My family actually asked me for help, specifically my mother, and I’m floored by this sudden change, but also, I’m wondering how to help her because I’ve prayed for this for a very long time, since high school. I’m a psychic prone to alcoholism, and caffeine use, so I’ve decided that I’m very sensitive and fragile and I’m avoiding my family. In my adult life, I took the time to learn about biofeedback techniques to learn how to get less stressed out. Being around my mother is stressful enough since I never know what will set her off.

  1. Interesting article

    • iriavp permalink

      I have to learn to be kinder to myself this year because I’ve had it with hearing mean things in my head about myself for no good reason. Every mean thing ever said to me is something stuck in my body giving me CPTSD. I want to become a psychiatrist like Dr. Judith Orloff.

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