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Intimidating Other People: A How To Guide

February 1, 2020

I have the art of intimidation down to an exact science. It works over email, in person, and I know how to trigger people although I choose not to use these talents for evil, ever. But be warned that I’m kind of fragile right now, because of Mr. Hernia, so I cannot take too much crap from other people right now. You can intimidate others with a glance, words, or gestures. Intimidating sometimes involves looking at someone in the eye, while making them feel as small as they did when they were toddlers. If someone does give me shit out in the open, well, I just call them ignorant to their face, and then I taunt them mercilessly until they crack and apologize. It is easy to intimidate a bully into realizing how wrong they are. You have to run your energy high in order to convey that you will not put up with anybody’s shit. As an energy worker, this mental state is quite easy for me to get into.

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