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Standing Up To Mean People

February 1, 2020

My junior year of high school, somehow I pulled straight Cs and that wasn’t good enough for the old man. But anyway, reeling from that my service project involved working at a day care center, well before I had my diagnosis of schizoaffective and OCD. I had to deal with a mean daycare lady who basically had set me up for mistreatment I didn’t correct her on until I just snapped one day and confronted her out in the open. She deserved it, since she was causing me unnecessary stress. I do not stay in abusive environments for long. Once I applied at a law firm in Redwood City and they would have hired me were not for an abusive boss I was immediately told was abusive. Unlike my dad, I refuse to stay put working in abusive environments and certainly with my companies I will strive not to have an abusive environment. We would fire every instance of an abusive manager.

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