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Why People Make You Lose Your Shit

February 1, 2020

Some people love pushing other people to snap. They pick on someone nonstop until they get the reaction they want. Certain family members used to pull this on me. What a person of this kind wants is for you to lose your temper. But then when you pick on them back, you win. Take that unstable mess at work 2 Future. She was manic and acting out. I saw the signs right away, so I’d just rub in how I was treated and she wasn’t. Eventually she tried to call me a famoustard but what I did to her was call her manic person. That shut her up so much. I also just got in her face and said “because I’m so fucking retarded, right?” This cracked up the woman sitting next to me in the quality management class. Hee, hee, lol, and gotcha!

  1. Oh yes gotta love people

    • iriavp permalink

      At least my mother isn’t a fighting addict anymore since she doesn’t have me around where she lives. If they come back this year, she has said she will keep a lid on it. One fight and I’m hiding out in a hospital though. Just in case this is a not-real-change kind of situation. Or maybe because she asked me for help, she really means it. I just have been ignoring her on the Internet and the phone.

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