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The Legal Advising Clinic I Need To Get To

February 2, 2020

This Saturday there will be a legal advising clinic at the new SCORE office, which is accessible via public transit. It will take three buses to get there but I’m willing to go to this event. I need to ask legal advice anyway, if only because I’m going to figure out how to set up my social network business idea.


1) I’m selling a membership to the Shadow of the Phoenix Rising social network on the part of the bookstore that wants it so that they can have more income, in order to stay in business. An angel investor would be the one providing the salaries for psychics that want to join this network, while paying a $100 a month set up fee, which is how we would make revenue. The price to join the network for East West Bookshop is $100,000 or $500,000, I’m having trouble deciding which. How much should I price the monthly membership that includes a banner, a profile, a blog, a way to publish articles, a workroom, and access to video conferencing. The general public is free to join, just like Facebook. It is one way to get psychic insight from any psychic that would like to join this venture, because the venture is an experiment.
2) We are coming up with a way to keep metaphysical bookshops open because Moonfyre in Campbell closed when the owner died. A psychic would get paid a normal salary, and a percentage would go to the bookshop since business would get better from more people saying, the prices are affordable. I’m not sure how much of a percentage would go into the bookshop, but it would be enough to say, this is useful. A psychic needs to make money because they get a salary from the angel investor. Is this possible?
3) The general public gets a free membership, even if we are looking to recruit people like shamans, witchdoctors, healers, psychics, and etc, people who have a psychic practice, who want to generate more business. Independent people keep all their profit if they aren’t tied to a bookshop. Independent psychics have to do all their marketing by themselves. So part of their profit would go into Shadow.
4) We would also leave room for more famous psychics that have books out. This website would provide a shopping cart/ecommerce feature so that artists, and craftspeople can share their wares. How much money would I need to set this feature up?
5) Is my approach to paying the programmer something that I can get done? I haven’t learned code in a while which is why I’m going to recruit programmers now rather than try to do the whole thing myself.

These are the questions I came up with. I may as well print them out at the library on Thursday.

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