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Scary Stories to Tell About Giving People Shit

February 3, 2020

I excel at giving people shit. If someone is mean to me, they have forfeited their right to kindness. So I’m plenty mean to them back. Yes, crowds scare me sometimes, because I can hear every thought in that crowd. Now I’m a twisted soul who gives people shit when they do me wrong, and it is endless until they crack and apologize. That is my strategy. I’m plenty nice most times. But when someone fucks up, oh, god help them. My roommates in Fall 2004, were busy doing me serious harm but I got them into a lot of trouble. I excel at getting bullies into trouble only because I try to make sure to protect myself from mean people even if that wasn’t always something my family was behind when I was growing up. You see, it works on them too. It works quite well on them. Lol. I take great amusement when someone has wronged me, knows it, and gets schooled on why I can intimidate the hell out of them. This is not mean of me, so if you dare say I’m the mean person, look out. I’m not the mean person because not everything is your fault. If you, reader, have ever been told that something was your fault, that’s a gaslighting lie and I come from a family of expert gaslighters. Not everything dear one, is your fault.

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