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Working on My Self-Esteem and Codependency Issues

February 3, 2020

My self-esteem needs work because I endlessly beat myself up for really stupid things. I’m also dealing with CPTSD because I get flashbacks on a regular basis about when someone has done me wrong. This is why I’m working on getting better at giving people shit. I’m working my way out of codependency. I was stable throughout the night tonight, and I woke up feeling more or less good. I’m winning the diabetes war big time, and tomorrow is strip day. I’m doing my best here. And winning. So yes, I’m feeling stable and grounded today. I did call in the legal clinic to say I need to use video conferencing instead of actually going to the Santa Clara University campus. I am proud I didn’t let my codependency force me to do something that isn’t good for me, like taking three buses to get to the campus. So we sucked it up and asked for help, something that my family sometimes forbids.

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