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How to Verbally Intimidate a Name-caller

February 3, 2020

Name-callers are going for a reaction whether they are slurring you based on your race or disability, or in general shit you can’t help. My height of 4’10 is apparently something that confounds people into thinking I’m disabled. Or maybe that’s just one of my many paranoias about myself because I got brainwashed by my family about stuff that actually has no basis in reality. I have managed to break the brainwashing because of many years of therapy and there will be many years of therapy coming to me in the future. I went to Rite Aid once to get glucose tablets, and hair ties. I was an innocent short person walking in, when a clerk slurred me out of nowhere saying “Retard!” It wasn’t an imaginary schizophrenia slur, it was so random I was caught off-guard, which is what they want anyway. So I replied, “That’s so ignorant,” And she shut up. On yet another glucose tablet trip, I saw her again, so I got in line, I didn’t run away, I got another clerk, and I went and said “How you doing retard?” and “Hey, retard!” Hee hee hee. Got her real good. She shut up, looked ashamed, and eventually I’m going to make her apologize or I will just fuck with her forever until she admits ignorance. Should I apologize for wearing my medical device? No.

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