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How to Cope With Psychic Manipulation

February 5, 2020

When somebody psychic is manipulating you, you will feel a distinct pressure inside your head like someone is trying to squeeze your brain. You feel like your brain needs to give in to the demands the other person is making on you. Skilled psychic manipulators know how to make you cave into doing what you want. They demand it of you, because they want to control you. If you give your free will to them, this means that they want to force you to do something you may or may not want to do. Pressuring someone’s mind using your own thoughts is quite wrong, manipulative, and means that the person doing this has ill will towards the victim. I understand the mechanics of this stuff from personal experience because I have been victimized by family and almost done something regrettably stupid since they were pushing me verbally as well as psychically. The best way to combat their nonsense is to imagine a barrier, a wall between your thoughts and their pressure. Its why they pressure people into drinking when they don’t have to.

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