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Thoughts are Things And Manifestation

February 6, 2020

Dark Arts Practitioners do things to hurt people deliberately, although I could be saying this in an ignorant fashion. Black magick is a style of magick that is employed when someone else has sinned against the practitioner who is not happy with what they have done. Yes, everybody needs a way to keep people in line, but in light of avoiding lawsuits, I have decided not to sell my business to black arts people only because while I study the arts in theory, it would seem that some people in practice actually do want to hurt those who have hurt them. While I take a very Old Testament approach when someone else has hurt my feelings, (something I have trouble getting in touch with as a result of CEN, see Dr. Jonice Webb), I realize that I can’t have dark arts practices rule my website.

In the terms of service it will reflect what the rules are about. It is why I want to retain some control over my company in the long run. Anyway, your thoughts can hurt people, whether you know this consciously or not. If you talk about someone behind their back, some of us tend to notice it. We know exactly what was said. But anyway, name-calling, negativity, saying mean things, all have an effect on the aura because sometimes people pick on each other since they haven’t outgrown this tendency in school.

So because I’m a great liar, I can indefinitely hide not feeling well. Sometimes I could be going through a bipolar depression and nobody would know. I can fool my therapists real well but not a person I have thought would make a good roommate. But anyway, she is someone I can’t lie to. Sometimes, we mentally ill people think all sorts of horrible things that doesn’t happen at all though, and let me point out that it is not always true you can attract bad things to you with the law of attraction in mind. Mentally ill people think all sorts of frakked up things though, things that does not always happen. This is a misunderstanding and misuse of the law of attraction. Don’t tell mentally ill people that, they are already fragile and do not want to have to go “hey, something I thought just happened.” They’re already paranoid enough without being told “by the way, its your fault.” Seriously, that’s dumb, and nobody should ever have to hear that.

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