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February 7, 2020

The goal is to sell a membership to the Shadow of the Phoenix Rising social network, so that metaphysical bookshops can have more income just to stay in business. I wouldn’t own the bookshop but I would facilitate their membership into the social network. An angel investor would be the one providing the salaries for psychics so they can afford to lower their prices. This is one way to keep metaphysical bookshops open, because when the owner dies, the bookshop concept dies with them as in the case of Moonfyre. This network would be like Facebook in that the general public gets a free account, while the business owner gets a banner, Zoom connections, a blog, and an ecommerce cart.

There would be room for more famous psychics that have books out, since any East West speaker can have an account with us. But one thing I’ve decided is that Dark Arts anything will not be sold. Something that hurts someone else will not be allowed on my network. The eventual goal is to have the angel investor pay the programmer. I haven’t spent the last three years working on code, because my family sabotaged my laptop. I’m working on publishing my work. I feel like I try too hard to do everything though.

So anyway, my question for the legal advice clinic is, how do I price bookshop membership/general equal partnership with the social network because the bookshop can help recruit psychics or practitioners of anything. I’m supposed to be the HR person while we need a psychic tester. It won’t be me, since I’m only the Hiring Manager and I’m willing to sell total control to East West, although, I wish to have consultant level input in this venture if possible. We shall see what they want.

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