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Why She IS Not Allowed to Discuss My Health Problems WIth Me Or Anybody else

February 6, 2020

Okay, relatives, we know that She likes to talk about my health problems to people when she really should be keeping her mouth shut. She is doing that to undermine me, my mother that is. I’m writing this about her out in the open to stop her. Quit discussing my health problems even with me because it is not a topic I want to discuss with someone I do not trust. Busybodies get into everybody’s business. I’m not necessarily as bad as my mother, but still, I want people to not mention my disability to my face unless you are kind about it. I’ve had one too many people be unkind to me for one reason: oh, you have a disability.

That’s why I’ve made rude comments to the roommates back in 2004. You mistreat me because I have something that isn’t that bad in the end? My 22q is not visually obvious nor is it heart condition obvious like some folks I’ve spoken to. I’m lucky all I have to deal with is an immune system issue that I have to take great care with. I’m looking up natural remedies, which are powerful, but Western medicine is equally powerful. I’m floored my mother asked me for help and that I can now have a life coach client to practice on, but it still feels weird.

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