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How I Intimidate Bullies

February 8, 2020

I had a woman at a Salvadorian restaurant in Downtown San Jose, open the bathroom door while I was trying to take care of myself. She stood there and watched. What I did was stare at the toilet paper dispenser while in the bathroom. She stared at me because I knew she was going to yell at me “retard!” to me very loud. We know that she is the bad guy through and through by now because she opened the bathroom door, messing with my privacy, my boundaries, and my needs. I was caught in a rock and a hard place because I should have done something mean to her, but I simply worked to cover up what I was doing in the bathroom so that she couldn’t see it. The guy she was with and my Ex did ask her why she had opened the bathroom door, and she screamed irrationally at me to shut up. I have seen her on the light rail before and recognized her while telling her what I remember she did. I intimidated her with silence rather than screaming at her. I won the game. I view intimidating bullies as a science or an art form, and even as a sport.

  1. I’ll have to say that you handled it such much better than I would’ve had someone opened the bathroom door while I was using the bathroom!

    I was bullied for six years while I was in school and I know the pain all too well.

    And I agree with you about silence. It can be a weapon in itself.

    • iriavp permalink

      Thank you. I used the silence tactic to my advantage. She was staring at my infusion device, my insulin pump. She had been curious or something? You were bullied for six years? Wow. Because my family did that also while I was bullied in school as well. Thanks for saying I handled it well, I was wondering, this was years ago by now.

      • You’re very welcome! You’re very brave! Just thought you should know.

      • iriavp permalink

        Thanks, and yet I get given shit for being brave? Why? I have no idea. But that’s usually what a coward who won’t quit drinking does.

      • The reason people give you shit for being brave is because they’re jealous of your strength! Most bullying comes from either jealousy or fear. Always remember that.

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