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How People Stay In Abusive Relationships

February 8, 2020

The abuser threatens them continually first of all. Second of all, they shower the victim with love-bombing, after they do something wrong, so that the victim will imagine it is their problem. Third of all, they do many threatening things like threaten suicide if the victim leaves. Sometimes the victim is the abuser also. Sometimes in abusive relationships, the victimizer is the abuser who imagines himself the victim of all things. They take abuse, they dish it out. Being a victim never feels good, only because it means that the abuser deliberately makes you feel bad, no matter what you do for them. This is why I dumped my ex and an ex friend only because I was like, she’s not taking my advice. That’s when I thought, whatever, we need to let her go as a friend. So four years ago around this time of year, I dumped her, quitting her energy and her extreme neediness that bordered on I’m calling you too much to mess with you, not that I need help, I’m just wasting your time and being a relational bully.

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