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What Stones Do I Need To Buy?

February 9, 2020

I’ve spent years hanging out with believers trying to learn about precious gemstones and how they do healing work. I have tried very hard to process the reality of it. This reality is finally through my head. A Ph.D. wrote the’s article on healing stones. I used to have a piece of turquoise that eventually disappeared as crystals sometimes do when you are moving. I was using black tourmaline to heal myself, because it was the first object I moved with energy in front of my psychiatrist. My malachite was the first gemstone I managed to help manipulate the shape of in 2009, back when I was more of a hot mess than I am now.

You actually have to believe in the crystals to get it to work. I’ve been watching Youtube videos to see which ones I should send my mother. I’m wondering if that email got to her or not. But anyway, I need to buy more stones. Sometimes I get into a hissy fit, which makes me desire to throw out my stones and build a new collection. The last time this happened, I was in college making the newbie mistake of letting someone else borrow my stones. But anyway, yes, I am now using lepidolite, which did for some reason, calm me down. I got myself a crystal healing kit, and college rendered me able to go “why the hell am I interested in this right now?” Of all the times to get into gemstones? Angelite can help Mr. Hernia and its heartburn although my allergy medication did that just fine with my allergy-related cough.

I feel the need to buy tiger’s eye, and bloodstone. If I remember this right, back when my skin infections were worse, turquoise helped me prevent staph from getting really bad. No gemstone substitutes medicine, as an ex-friend used to realize whenever her medication was skipped being used. It is overdue for me to cleanse my crystals I suppose, and this is done with salt in water, which is something I may wind up doing today. I gave up on gemstones years ago, but I still have an interest in actually becoming a gemstone healer? Why? I have no idea why, but it just interests me since I do believe that traditional Chinese medicine works because I’d like to study that too.

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