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Why the Hell am I Interested in Gem Stone healing when I have tried to squash this fringe interest?

February 9, 2020

Why the Hell am I Interested in Gem Stone healing when I have tried to squash this fringe interest?

Okay, I’m wondering where this bizarre insight into crystal gemstones being what I need to be into these days comes from. I’m trying to pay attention to my every instinct this year, because I know better than to ignore it like I was doing at 36. Now, I know who I can trust, what they will do, how they will react to xyz. Gem stone healing is a field I have always found bizarre but I managed to figure out that it does work. The crazy part is that I have noticed over and over again that it works for some people.

I don’t think it has to do with belief because a gemstone is no substitute for proper medical care. I have tried to put this curiosity on ignore but I’m just curious in a sadistic curiosity sort of way. I got books from the library about this stuff, I owe the library a fine by now too. Gemstones do work on various things as the folklore says. I’m surprised to find that some people into Western medicine understand the crystal situation. I’m not a kook for being interested in this stuff, as I want to learn about it some more.

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