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What is Gemstone Healing? And What Do You Do To Use it?

February 9, 2020

I don’t advocate believing in how the gemstones work, but I do say try it before you knock it. This is what I’m starting to do. I’m impressed that lepidolite actually calmed me down last night, rendering me better able to relax. I cleared the intent off of a lapis lazuli that someone else had given me many years ago, which I gave my crystal healing books away to. In high school, back when I had no medication I was using crystals, which were barely tolerated by my family. I did use them with some success but it wasn’t until I had a particular set of friends who enjoyed using crystals for health. Not that a crystal or gemstone substitutes medical care. It doesn’t. I’m working on myself this year, by not over doing working on myself since my family has to work on themselves. I’m going to attempt gemstone healing this year using that kit. I used my Amazon gift card on.

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