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What is a psychopath?

February 11, 2020

A psychopath is someone who has no or limited emotional expression. Psychopaths and sociopaths do not have moral outlooks on the way they treat people. Psychopaths are more dangerous than ordinary sociopaths, because sociopathy occurs on a spectrum like every other mental health issue. Psychopathy is sometimes a product of an abusive parent who is also a psychopath themselves, so nurture can be implicated but nature is also a possibility. Tests to see if someone is psychopath include the Psychopathic Personality Inventory, which was developed in 1996, and also means that some people with psychopathy can also have antisocial personality disorder.

Total psychopaths are uncaring people who have a lack of empathy, while normal people with empathy find them disgusting because of how much they want to hurt someone else. Also, psychopaths do not have fear or shame to stop their mean behavior. Psychopaths and sociopaths like to blame other people for things they have done to them. Psychopaths know how to focus their attention because they aren’t distracted by what color specific words are printed in such as the color “red” being printed in blue ink. They aren’t as confused as a normal person would be using this exercise. Psychopaths are very selfish people who can’t plan for the future, which includes a low threshold in which they start to be aggressive. They are into physical fights and assaults while a sociopath can be slightly more conforming.

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