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Intimidating People a How To Guide

February 11, 2020

My little situation with the name shamer may right itself if I merely avoid her because she was being weird to a fellow white person about my first name. Iria is really pronounced iriya, with a light R-roll and it sounds like a y. The occupational therapy clinic teacher got back to me, because we are going to have a little discussion about this person’s behavior. So yes, I’m not planning on going all out hostile but I will do some intimidating about name-shaming since I have been picked on for my first name my entire life.

This why I’m triggered that much. I mean seriously, my first name gets me picked on. Then again this may be an auric field curse since it happens out of nowhere no matter my behavior, which makes it fall under the Paper Doll Syndrome category. I will say “I apologize for being foreign, what the hell?” and I will say “Do you want me to kick you while you are down and expect to be my friend?” Gee, hmm, I’m just finding myself having difficulty with the fact this person slurred me or made fun of me and my first name being pronounced area.

Thanks, really, because I grew up getting picked on. I was severely mistreated a lot of the time, sometimes by my own family because they said Americans were too stupid to pronounce my name right. I never assume that but when I deal with bullies, I’m like yeah. What was originally said, was “her name is Area,” chuckle, giggle, “Can you believe it?” My response “my first name is Iriya, that’s how you actually say it,” followed up by a “deal with that, deal with me.” The situation was they were trying to intimidate me, the non-white person. I only hope I do not get super pissed at the aggressor because what I said to upset her was “medication is better than being a manic bitch,” since I was talking about my mother who doesn’t take a drop of medication.

Mania does turn me nasty in the worst case and snarky in the better scenario. See, this person has dings: 1) ask me to use my car when I feel I shouldn’t be driving. 2) picking on me for being foreign. All through the feedback session I was giving legitimate feedback, and participating. I got chocolate out of it but see, I’m having to be careful with chocolate, treating it like a controlled substance. So anyway, I’m pretty much trying to stay above water this time around.

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