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Why Valentine’s Day Is Stupid

February 14, 2020

I find Valentine’s Day to be silly. I’m not walking around looking for a mate right now much less salivating over men, as that is also silly. What I wonder about is whether or not the men folk are looking for me in a manner that means I have to keep them away from me. My anti-man shield scares delivery people. On occasion I can hear people’s thoughts but good luck explaining that one to psychiatric hospitals. But anyway, the thing is, Valentine’s Day irks me in more ways than one. It means that it’s a day set aside for lovers of all kinds. I’m like, not in a relationship right now so why do I care? Today is also the first day of Pantheacon, and with all the racism out in the open, everywhere, I’m wary of going anywhere. What bothers me about Valentine’s Day is that men use anything, any excuse at all to get women into bed. So in my own best interests I avoid people. My gay male friends are very safe but I’m not so sure about girls. So anyway, yes, I’ve got no plans for Valentine’s Day.

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