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I Find Western Marriage Traditions Ridiculous

February 14, 2020

If many a marriage ends in divorce, then they were only planning as far ahead as the wedding with no real intention to stay together. A married couple has to make many adaptations and allowances with each other. Now before anybody believes my family’s crap about marriage, of which there is plenty of crap to believe in, the thing about this is that marriage ceremonies are an excuse to be minted a husband or wife. I find that people are lazy about the relationship process itself since a wedding is only one stressful day to celebrate the situation altogether in a manner that could be considered artificial in nature. Weddings lead to marriages that end in divorce a lot. So anyway, yes, Western marriage traditions are silly in my mind, “you are now husband and wife,” being an expression that is over used and underused at the same time, which causes me major cognitive dissonance. I find it useless to think of something that will never come, since it is but one day in your life anyway, that women wait their whole lives for if they’ve watched too much Disney that is.

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