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“Relationships” Waste My Time

February 14, 2020

Yes, there are many interested boys lurking about who want to talk relationship or worse, dirty to me. But see, my entire being says to stay single right now, or die trying, and that is the best thing for me in the immediate present. Why should I wait around for a guy? Why for that matter, should I care about a boy or girl? Why do I want to bog myself down with relationship drama that only serves to cause me stress? I’m at least, aware of where that stress comes from. With regard to my family, I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop for a long time. I’m working on manifesting significant income while going up to bat against frightful ill will towards me for wanting money, or successfully making money. But hey, whatever, because I’m going to win all the wars anyway, and I refuse to marry for money. Eventually, the right guy will show up, I have patience and faith in his existence as I do others.

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