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Clairaudience Gets Loud

February 15, 2020

Back when I drank, I wanted to make a buffer between me and the world. This buffer was meds and alcohol because I was trying out different medications at the time. Clairaudience comes around to be loud in my head, because it is like that. You have physical ears, but you also have psychic ears. I was drinking to dull the sensation, and hell, I was being manipulated into drinking. I will gladly not touch alcohol ever again, thanks. We at Pagans in Recovery believe in remaining sober, so I’ve tried to continue the 10-year mark that I’ve reached with my sobriety as I quit drinking in 2010. I quit drinking only because I felt that it was adversely impacting my life. Of course, to the enablers this was a very bad decision because they couldn’t get me to drink anymore, they felt awkward at the fact that I quit. In fact, four Christmases ago, I recall somebody being floored I wasn’t going to drink, to which I said, no, I don’t drink. The bottom line is that I was trying to dull my intimidating a discerning nature through booze. But now, I know that I’m not the bad guy. In fact, I’m the good guy for quitting and I’m glad I did.

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