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Don’t Stigmatize People For Having Mental Illness

February 19, 2020

Having a mental illness is not something anybody can help. To the teens on the light rail yesterday morning at 8:00 a.m. Baypoint Blue line, I just want to tell you not to aggravate me if you ever see me again. I felt like I was seriously going to do something stupid. I’m really stressed right now because of my finances, my credit card bill, and not having enough income. I’m trying to find a job but that process is also stuck. I feel trapped in my living situation with no way out any time soon, as most of my life, I have felt trapped by living at home with my family because that is cheaper. I do not have a steady source of income on top of that. Excuse me for being anxious on a crowded light rail, and being in a lot of pain. I’m done being kicked while I am down. This is something my mother loves doing to me. Why does the world have to do that? A psychic curse lodged in my energy field that says “Kick me,” that’s what. But anyway, I saw to it that you got a taste of your own medicine.

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