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How to Give a Bully A Taste of their Own Medicine

February 19, 2020

Bullies need a taste of their own medicine. Sometimes a gaslighter needs to be gaslit in order to know what it feels like. You are not being mean by doing this. If anything, you are protecting yourself. This is why I’m hospitalizing myself rather than dealing with constant triggering behavior at home. For some reason, some people never get the hint that talking about my health problems exclusively to other people will not please me. I talk about other things to people besides my health problems. My mean set of roommates in Fall 2004, got a huge earful of mean things since they were being mean to me. Mean people forfeit their right to kindness. Asking certain people for advice about my diabetes is futile and an exercise in accepting advice for the functionally stupid who can’t seem to get the “no fighting” rule through their heads. So in which case, I bow out of my family situation for their current trip. I escape, I put myself in safe places, and I avoid conflict.

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