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My Future Boyfriend and My Future Husband

February 21, 2020

My future boyfriend could be quite a few people. But I foresee a Native American who will come into my life, who divides his time between Los Angeles and San Jose, CA. The thing is, nobody will have to deal with my family, ever. The future boyfriend lives in my neighborhood, maybe. I might meet him through mutual friends. The future husband is someone I will meet in Los Angeles. He’s asexual, and I will simply find that my future relationships will not be as codependent and odd as my last relationship. Right now, the very term relationship makes me feel triggered, pissed off, and enraged, so this is why I’m avoiding, as well as being picky. I’m looking directly at red flags. I’m eventually going to meet the son of a friend of mine, so that’s a chaperoned date, and in general, I feel like chaperoning my dates in the future. But with Mr. Hernia, I feel run down. I’m simply not in a good headspace to date.

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