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I’m Way Too Responsible

March 1, 2020

Even when I was drinking on medication, which is a huge red flag if I know someone who does this, I’m saying that I’m a responsible person from the year 2012, on because that was when I put my family on ignore, while getting my mental health treated properly at long last. Although, I must say, I was an irresponsible 20 year old getting away with drunk driving among other things. I’ve given up driving right now, only because I feel it is unsafe, my car battery could use a jump however, and I feel too weak to drive because of my hernia. One neighbor would like to look at my car, so I’m going eventually muster up the energy to let him. I didn’t pay my car insurance this month to have more money. PG&E is ready on the 4th, and my phone bill on the 5th. DoorDash is ready on the 16th, but I canceled my Legal Shield as well as canceled my Adobe. I’m trying to save money here, I project I will have $292 leftover, given I pay my credit card bill. I really must make the effort to make more money. The effort to be responsible comes from watching major personal irresponsibility my entire life.

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