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How Fast Would A B.A. in anthropology Be?

March 16, 2020

Taken from both the De Anza course catalog, and the San Jose State B.A. in anthropology course catalog.

Considering classes are canceled right now, I got a whole degree online at Foothill College many years ago. I have been lazy about getting my transcript to see how much work I’ve actually gotten done that would be good towards another Bachelor’s. To fact check myself, I already took ANTH 2 Cultural anthropology, and I took Physical Anthropology too although I’d like to take them to keep my credits fresh. At this point I’d be taking ANTHR 3 Introduction to Archaeology at De Anza first, even if I’d take physical anthropology in the classroom. My memory is coming back as I took ANTH 5, Magick, Science and Religion.

I’d be taking ANTH 012 Human Evolution, at San Jose State, where I’d need to take ANTH 131, Theories of Culture, and ANTH 191, Frontiers of Anthrology. Each would be 15 units total, but after hernia surgery I’m going to have to still be careful and treat taking on extra work gingerly, since these three courses mentioned above are Core Requirements or 15 units worth of work, two classes per semester after I finish my IGETC if I already do not have enough money to move to Los Angeles just yet after starting my business.

ANTH 168 is the one course I need from Research Methods, along with ANTH 169 Archaeological Fieldwork, which interests me. Then Cultural anthropology as a category demands 6 units of ANTH 149 Ethnographic methods. ANTH 132, Creating Built Worlds, adding up to 6 units in this category Cultural Anthropology. Archaeology is ANTH 165, Historical Archaeology, is the one class I need to complete the requirements. Physical Anthropology requires 6 units or two classes, such as ANTH 152, Becoming Human, and ANTH 157, Forensic Anthropology (which would be good for private investigation work, as well as forensic psychology work).

Finally, I need to take major electives or 6 units of these, such as ANTH 180, Individual Studies, and ANTH 184 Directed reading. This has me finishing this degree, in two years, as I have 12 classes left so this could be done in two years, preparing me for an Archaeology masters at UCLA although I also want to finish an MFA, I’ve known many people with three or more masters degrees.

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