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Why I Overload Myself With School When I Feel Inadequate?

March 16, 2020

The key to not overloading myself is to keep chanting the mantra, “I’m fine as I am,” I’m okay, I do not have to overload myself to prove something to someone. I don’t have to do it to prove how tough I am, or how I can handle it. I’m surprised I got the grades I did at San Francisco State University. These days, I’m able to get better grades, as evident at, which I’m limiting my access to because I have to save money for groceries, I already got Prilosec for my constant heartburn from Mr. Hernia. This is why the virus would linger quite a bit. Having surgery right now is a huge mistake. Needless to say school online is better than school in person, I do not want to use my emergency funds for online school. No, the money is better spent on a new phone, just in case.

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