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How Do I Get an Interview with St. Germain?

March 17, 2020

Would St. Germaine have time to interview for my blog over Zoom? If he really does exist, and live in Shasta, CA, I’d like very much to interview him for this blog, filed under the Investigative Reporting Category. I don’t age much, and the thing about that is people stare at me all time, which is frustrating me. I mean come on, I’m not millennial, and I’m 38. So this not going out business is easy for me, it is my normal life style. It is high time I started reading about him anyway. I can’t say who one person I know is, but he said he is older than he looks, because he has a 50 year old kid as the youngest in his family, so I’m just wondering how I’m going to have to deal with me not aging that much. So it’d be nice to interview him myself just to see if he’s real or not? Humor me buddy.

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